Development Bulletin No. 76 - Featured pg. 52
Complexity, chaos, compassion: Partnerships making justice work
for women.

Rita Shackel, University of Sydney, Casey McCowan and Carol Angir,ActionAid Australia and Lucy Fiske, University of Technology Sydney

​Women survivors of violence face psychological trauma,social ostracism, economic disadvantage and lasting reproductive and other health problems, including HIV/AIDS.Violence against women in conflict is of increasing concern globally and within the international community...

“Together we stand, divided we fall. Women should always be present during the justice process. Women should be financially empowered.”
60 years woman, IDP camp, Northern Uganda


Our Australian based research team is working in partnership with local women’s rights...
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Academic Journal Article
‘Gender, poverty and violence: Transitional justice responses to converging processes of domination of women in eastern DRC, northern Uganda and Kenya’

Lucy Fiske and Rita Shackel
​Women’s Studies International Forum (2015, in press)

Gender, poverty and violence readily intersect in women's lives with profound impacts for women entrenching cycles of violence, disadvantage and disempowerment across women's lives in private and public domains. These effects are exacerbated in situations of armed conflict and in post-conflict societies where women are often targeted for particular types of violence, forced to enter into exploitative or abusive relationships and are routinely under-represented in key political, legal and economic decision making structures. Drawing on extensive fieldwork material we examine the complex and mutually constitutive ways in which gender, poverty and violence interact to shape the lives of women living in three conflict and post-conflict societies; eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), northern Uganda and Kenya. Finally, we consider the role of transitional justice, arguing for a more holistic approach with greater attention to gendered social and economic structures and better integration of the various mechanisms of transitional processes.

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